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Alternative Treatments for Depression by Candida Maurer, PhD
Aromatherapy Makes Sense by Sue Dusterhoft, L.Ac, Dipl. O.M., M.S.
The Roles of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding in Health by Dr. Michael Santangelo

Using Tarot Readings For Personal Growth by Dr. Michael Santangelo
General Guidelines on Fasting by Jessica Stamm (Jessica Forbes)






Pre-2011 Newsletters

Note that the links in these pre-2011 newsletters are inactive. Also, while the staff mentioned in the
newsletters may be out of date (this was years ago, after all), the articles are still interesting.

Number 1: Dr. Michael Santangelo; Shiatsu; Ching Wan Hung; Muscle Strain

Number 2: Daniela Webster; Cupping; Synthovial seven; Osteoarthritis

Number 3: Barbara Brender; Thai Massage; E-lyte; Electrolyte Imbalance

Number 4: Sound Healing; Sombra; Migraine Headaches

Number 5: Sinus Clearing; Neti Pot; Sinusitis

Number 6: Jessica Forbes; Seitai Shiatsu; Cold and Flu Remedies; Colds and Flu

Number 7: Dr. Betsy Rippentrop; Breathing; Natural Remedies for Depression; Holiday Stress

Number 8: Joseph Mizelle; Cleansing; Calcium/Magnesium/vitamin D Liquid; Constipation

Number 9: Alternative medicine consumer; Bilateral Nasal Specific; Essential Oils; Allergies

Number 10: EHC staff; Chi Nei Tsang; Eastwind Open House

Number 11: Seminar schedule; Light Language; Chinese Herbs

Number 12: Janelle Railey, MA, LMHC, RYT; Incense; Aspartame

Number 13: Yoga Therapy; Periodontal Disease; Mold

Number 14: Classes and Seminars; Corvalen; Cell Phones

Number 15: Classes and Seminars; External Qi Healing; Colony Collapse Disorder

Number 16: Classes and a Massage Special; Colloidal Silver Revisited; Avian Flu

Number 17: The Authentic Power Program; FDA News?; Healing Benefits of Tea

Number 18: Janeta Fong Tansey, MD, PhD; Seasonal Affective Disorder; Wash Your Hands!

Number 19: Announcements; New at Eastwind; A Couple of Interesting Links