Michael J. Santangelo, ND, PhD

Michael J. Santangelo, ND, PhD Co-founder of Eastwind Healing Center.  Board certified traditional naturopath, licensed psychologist. Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, 1981. N.D., 1999.  Chinese herbalism training, Institute of Chinese Herbology, 1994. Massage therapist/Asian bodywork therapist, 1994.  Reiki Master (Takata lineage) and Reiki Jin Kei Do Master (Takamori lineage). Chi Nei Tsang therapist. Hypnotherapist. Bach flower essences diplomate.  Advanced Light Language practitioner and certified teacher. Sound healing practitioner. Medical Intuitive. Quantum Healing practitioner.

Dr. Santangelo sees a limited number of individuals for therapy, with an emphasis on spiritual guidance and mentorship. He also continues to publish and teach spirituality. You can find him on Patreon.com.

Additionally, Dr. Santangelo is offering spiritual Tarot readings again! Readings will be by email only and will usually be completed within 72 hours of the request being received. Michael has studied Tarot for 45 years. While he uses traditional spreads like the Celtic Cross, he is also authorized by BOTA to read according to their “Opening of the Key” method, one of the most sophisticated, mystical approaches to the Tarot. He has streamlined the process (and lowered the prices) for his deep method of reading the Tarot. He requires that questions be confined to personal or spiritual development. Full details about his readings are located here.

Dr. Santangelo used his wide background and 40 years of experience in health care to formulate treatment plans for each case. He became interested in complementary treatment modalities after having been a psychotherapist for almost 15 years. Wishing to integrate the body into his treatment of emotional difficulties, he became a massage therapist. He then taught bodywork for 10 years at a school that he and Dr. Candida Maurer founded. He has taught classes from community education to graduate school, and has spoken on alternative health at national conferences. He has published in psychology, bodywork, esoteric studies, and humor. Additionally, Dr. Santangelo is on the editorial board, and is lead reviewer in the areas of alternative and energy medicines, of the Rose+Croix Journal, the peer-reviewed, academic publication of the Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC). This world-wide organization is a leader in the scientific study and practical application of mystical principles. Previously, he served as co-editor of the Tarot section at All Things Healing (ATH). This organization brings together a worldwide community of individuals, and alternative healing sites and organizations, dedicated to educating and inspiring people in topics relating to alternative healing of mind, body, spirit, and the planet.

“I believe that we each have an innate ability to heal ourselves. In fact, that’s the only kind of healing there is: self-healing. The difficulty comes when we forget that this is possible, or when we feel powerless in the face of a problem.

“I didn’t consider the people that I workeded with to be patients or clients, but as participants in a process. The goal was to find the space where the realization occurs that healing is possible, and that this possibility resides in the participant, not in me or in my abilities. Only in that space can true healing happen.”

You can find out more about the therapeutic approach Michael used, which he calls PsychoSpiritual Energetics, here.

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