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Mammoth Hills Health and Healing, P.C., utilizes Eastern and Ancient traditions backed by Western science to creatively and lovingly support mind-body-energy-spirit healing. We are and will forever be students of the modalities used to address these aspects of illness and health restoration and ultimate optimization.  You’re a professional, a super mom, a master juggler of life events, but despite your valiant efforts, you are struggling with chronic disease, illness, exhaustion and feeling stuck, all while you can’t find your keys.  The reprieve you need, the balance you deserve, and support you require to restore your personal power is right here, right now, under the loving umbrella of Eastwind Healing Center.

Our providers draw upon an eclectic mix of healing tools in an ever-growing toolbox that we can utilize on your terms to bring your prompt relief.  We’re not satisfied unless you have some type of relief leaving your first session.  You have skills, experience, and you’re smart, and you want to spend your money wisely.  We get it.  We have lived the journey with serious illness, spending tens of thousands on various treatments providing partial benefits, bedrest while working full time, and major dietary changes to treat chronic issues.

Tools we can use include core shamanism, functional medicine, integrative psychiatry, healing touch, and health coaching.  We set the intention for profound healing with each and every session with each and every patient.  We can’t promise cures or miracles, but we see decades old ships carrying chronic issues turn in a more favorable direction every day, and we see brief illnesses quickly disappear. Let us put our decades of experience to work for you and devise a plan that you can afford, stick with and benefit from.  The work we do can also complement what you are doing with other providers, meaning that we can provide the mind-body-spirit portion that is missing from the medical work you may be doing elsewhere.

Call us today at 866-425-8066 for a free 15-minute confidential “How to get ME back” consultation * to share what you truly, deeply want in life. If you can, share it like you telling your best friend or partner, not some stranger on the other end of the line. We are here to be your new partner in recovery.

How to get ME back consultation guide

*Your “How to get ME back” consultation is not an initiation of medical care. It is simply an introduction where our provider will listen to your goals and share a bit about what they bring to the table, used by both you and the provider to see if we are a good fit. No strings, no pressure. Click on this form to help you formulate what you are really looking for so we can make best use of our time.

** We do not take insurance. Dr. Husman is an IN NETWORK provider for many insurances at a different location, but not at this location, and does not offer these same services at that location. We will provide you a superbill for those treatments that have billing codes (medical treatments by the doctor), that may be covered by your commercial insurance out of network benefits.  Not all commercial plans have out of network benefits, so please contact your insurance company to clarify. Some services that we provide may allow you to use your Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Plan. We cannot guarantee reimbursement by your insurance or guarantee allowance by your Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Plan.

Due to Medicare rules, our toolbox is smaller for those who qualify for Medicare. You cannot be seen for medical care, such as functional medicine or integrative psychiatry. You also cannot be seen for health coaching, which requires oversight, and therefore medical care, by a physician. You can be seen for individual healing touch and individual and group core shamanism services.  We cannot commit Medicare fraud, so please be honest if you are currently carrying a Medicare card. We can still do wonderful work to help you. If you turn 65 or become disabled and now qualify for Medicare while under our care, we are happy to provide your medical records and treatment information, with your permission, to a qualified provider to further assist you on the medical aspects of your journey.


Kerri Husman, MD, FAPA, IFMCP, HTI-P is a 1997 graduate of the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine. She completed her internship and residency in psychiatry, as well as her fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry, at the University of Iowa. She has maintained board certification in both psychiatry and child and adolescent psychiatry and is a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. She has completed her certification in functional medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine in 2018, finishing in the top quintile of her cohort. She also practices healing touch and is a shamanic practitioner. She believes it is critical to attend to the mind-body-spirit at the center of the functional medicine matrix, as well as combining her decades of experience in psychiatric care with her new tools to support lifestyle modification to address chronic illness.

Beyond getting ME back, Dr. Husman is especially interested in memory complaints in midlife, supporting cancer care, and assisting with death and dying. She continues her studies in lifestyle medicine, energy psychology, individualized epigenetic support, and shamanic practitioner work, as these fields support her goals of providing truly integrative healthcare. When not studying, she spends her time on her acreage with her family and fur babies connecting with the natural world.

Board Certified:
Adult Psychiatry, 2002-2022
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 2003-2022
American Psychiatric Association
Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner, 2018-2028
Wahls protocol, Certified Practitioner 2017-presentReversing Cognitive Decline with Dr Dale Bredesen/IFM, 2017
T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutritional Studies, Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition, 2017                                          
Certificate of Proficiency in Alpha Stim Microcurrent Electrical Therapy and Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation, 2018
Fasting Certification with Dr Valter Longo/L-Nutra, 2018
Healing Touch International – Practicum year 2019
American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry  (AACAP)
American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM)
American College of Nutrition (ACN)
American Psychiatric Association (APA) American Medical Association (AMA)
Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP)
Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS)
Healing Beyond Borders-Healing Touch International
Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM)
International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research (ISNPR)
Iowa Psychiatric Society (IPS)

Services Provided:
Functional medicine
evaluation, lab orders, prescriptions and treatment.

Healing Touch energy medicine.

Integrative psychiatric care (medication management, complimentary and alternative evidence based used of herbs, diet, and supplements to support mental health care based on symptoms and genetic vulnerabilities by looking at SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms), which may be combined with comprehensive energy psychology (therapy that includes the wellness of your biofield, chakras, and meridians).

Shamanic healing – Services include retrieval of a previous power animal, transfer of power, extraction of spiritual intrusion (this is not depossession), soul retrieval, and assistance with death and dying. My training and methods are based in core shamanism, taught by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.–okwaAjItEALw_wcB



Todd Leach, BA, HTI-P

Functional Medicine Coaching Academy student 9/18-7/19
Healing Touch International-Practicum year 2019

Todd Leach used his degree initially in doing sound in movies, and then owned a single screen movie theatre (The New Strand in West Liberty, IA, for 18 years). As the 4th owner since construction in 1910, he honed two incredible gifts: patience and listening. Being an active member of a small downtown dependent upon entertainment to thrive, being a member of Rotary International, and being the first job for many teens, these gifts have served him well. He then went on to study permaculture and biodynamics with Dr. Husman when they started their farm. Leaving the theatre, and later raising animals, came on due to Dr. Husman suffering from several illnesses requiring specific foods, which required Mr. Leach to juggle being a caregiver and having a career. He mastered multiple diets (Paleo, SCD, the Wahls Protocol, removal of foods due to sensitivities, and the Whole Food Plant Based diet). 


When it was time for a career change for himself, due to Dr. Husman’s health improving, and his father’s health declining with a cancer diagnosis, Mr. Leach decided to use the skills he had gleaned for good and became a student of the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, where he is currently finishing up his studies. These family illnesses also motivated him to learn Healing Touch, which has been a rewarding experience in being able to relieve pain, promote relaxation, and improve energy for those who need it most. Mr. Leach is offering health coaching services under Dr. Husman’s guidance, as well as healing touch services.

Mr. Leach in his free time enjoys playing guitar and learning more about sound therapy, as well as enjoying building his nut orchard gradually as time and deer allow.