Chris Loeckle

Chris Loeckle, LISW. Licensed Independent Social Worker. Master of Social Work, University of Iowa, 2006.

Chris has been a passionate student of energy psychology for over twenty years. In 1994 he began two years of intensive personal study of the the human energy system with Tom Carbone, a talented psychotherapist and healer. At that time he was also exposed to the work of and attended trainings with Siegmar Gerken (Core Evolution), which deepened his understanding of the relationship between mind, body, emotion, energy, and consciousnesses. It also validated his personal experience that we all have access to a core of wisdom, vitality, and compassion, and that healing is a real possibility for any individual. Chris continues to deepen and evolve his understanding of the healing process through professional trainings and his own personal growth and life challenges. He has recently trained with experienced and pioneering individuals (Siegmar Gerken, Richard Schwartz, Michi Rose) whose work has been developed and articulated through many decades of experience. Chris is a percussionist whose study of Afro-Cuban and other folkloric religious musical traditions has also broadened and further developed his understanding of human expression and the ability to access strengths through music, movement, and art. In recent years he has focused on the specific skill of helping clients resource their own strengths in safe and creative ways.

“In my work I first and foremost wish to create a haven where all aspects of the individual can feel safe to show up. From here we can begin to work collaboratively to build hope for a fulfilling life and for healing. We cannot keep difficulties or pain from coming our way, but over time we can begin to experience a reorientation towards them while at the same time increasing the ability to navigate through life with more clarity in the direction of our hearts desire.”

Chris Loeckle only accepts BCBS.

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