De-Stressing (Sue Dusterhoft)

My greatest metamorphosis in dealing with stress came about some time ago when I was able to change my perspective from “this sucks so bad” to “this is really hard, but I am so grateful to have this opportunity to learn valuable lessons and to grow spiritually.”

When I’m in a very stressful situation I energetically do a lot of talking to the spirits and ask for their help and guidance. I like to step out of the situation and view it as an outsider looking in. This always helps me to gain perspective. Journaling is also a big help in this regard.

Acupuncture keeps my energy flowing and open. Inhalation of essential oils helps with the emotional aspects of things. Flower essences have such a powerful energy and they have helped me immensely.

I have recently purchased a book which is an encyclopedia of angels, spirits, and ascended masters and I hope to incorporate this into a daily ritual.

It’s also important to have something in my life that generates interest or inspiration.

For me, my patients are my inspiration. Also. what’s “jazzing” me right now is my new location at Eastwind Healing Center. I am so very grateful for such a wonderful healing space and am in the process of “making it my own.” I’m welcoming the room to energetically speak its truth: what it would like for furniture arrangement, color, decor and adornments. So I guess I’m not really making it my own but entering into a partnership with it. I am so happy to be in Iowa City and feel that I’m now home. And what a great place to call home!

What Helps Me Deal With Stress (Barb Brender)

My morning ritual is the way I prepare myself for the stressors in my life.

I start each morning, before getting out of bed, thinking of what I am grateful for.

I run a hot bath with Epsom salts and aromatherapy, whichever scent I am currently resonating with. Right now that is lemon eucalyptus.

I put on music, meditations, affirmations, or yoga nidra and get into the bath, clear my mind, and turn my attention to the words/music I am hearing. Soaking in Epsom salts not only draws out my muscular discomfort but the time spent in this meditation also sets the tone and intention for my day. This can include observing my chakras and choosing colors in my clothing or jewelry that relate to the chakra that seems to want support. On another day I may choose to listen to affirmations or study more about the law of attraction. Each day I choose what feels most beneficial for my current circumstance.

After the bath I do yoga. My routine at home is to support any physical issues, my breath work, and my state of mind. After this, I eat a protein-based breakfast and feel ready to be present for the day.

For me, a whole approach works best and morning is my most open time to self.

After many years of working with my stress I find having a wide base of different “tools” to choose from works best for me. I like to be flexible to what seems to be needed and what tools will transport me there most efficiently.

Deerhound Method (Jenny Wolffe)

The Deerhound Method?

Recently, I’ve been employing a rather unconventional relaxation/revitalization technique which I’ve found to be very helpful in de-stressing after work. It involves the assistance of two 85 lb. dogs–my deerhound girls Siri and Zodi.

The first thing I do when I get home is make my way to the living room and lie flat on my back on the wood floor. My deerhounds think is great fun and they collapse on the ground next to me. Then, I envision all of the day’s stress flowing out of my body and into the earth. As I listen to my breath, their breath, and ease into the stillness of ‘not doing’ I feel myself unwind and settle.

I gradually make my way back to the vertical world in 10-20 minutes, disentangle myself from the sleeping dog bodies, and smudge myself with some sage. I emerge from this process well-rested, more peaceful and much more capable of enjoying the remainder of the day. Siri and Zodi just keep on sleeping until I make their dinner.

Jenny Wolffe LMT, KMI, RM

Patterns! (Candida Maurer)

I’ve been thinking about patterns once again, and the eternal question of how to help myself and others to dissolve the destructive physical, psychological, and energetic patterns we all carry.

While talking with a friend, I heard that Bruce Lipton, a theorist and researcher in cell biology, believes that it is only through unraveling the patterning of the subconscious mind that cellular  and psychological patterns begin to let go. He believes that the way to impact the subconscious is through treatments such as hypnosis, energy medicine, and the emotional freedom technique which involves tapping various points on the body.

It seems to me that all of these methods share one common theme and that is the distraction of the conscious mind so that the subconscious mind can be accessed. The amazing thing is that all of these techniques, and more, are regularly used by Eastwind’s practitioners. Hmm.



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