Eastwind Healing Center, Iowa’s finest integrative medicine center, is a collective of independent practitioners offering a nurturing environment for health and healing.

We provide a full spectrum of complementary and alternative healthcare practices and products that allow each individual to experience connection to a true sense of well-being.

We are committed to professional, compassionate, and effective treatment of a large variety of conditions while accompanying our clients on their individual paths in wellness.

At Eastwind Healing Center, we see every person as a unique human being.

Our treatment programs are individualized, and the client has input into treatment components.

Our aim is to assist each client in achieving true health at all levels — physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Call or email us for details about how we might be of service.

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Classes, classes!

We now have a Classes page on the site. Offerings for both the general public and healthcare professionals are being offered. You can check out the descriptions and latest offerings here.

Creative Visualization with Joseph Mizelle, Wednesdays July 18th through August 8th 7-8:30pm NEXT DOOR AT HEARTLAND YOGA
Creative Visualization is the art of using mental energy to transform your life towards its own highest expression of good. It is an experiential approach that focuses on achieving goals and desires through techniques of relaxation, active imagination, and visualization, all supported by practical actions in daily life. This four-week course will explore the theory and practice of creative visualization in an enjoyable and supportive group learning environment. We will be learning how to use the mind to get to an experience of joy, ease, and flow with life, all while learning how to clarify and manifest goals and desires through powerful, fun techniques that are a joy to use!  Cost is $120 for 4 weeks.  Questions or to register, email joseph.mizelle@gmail.com.

Powerful New Blog

Dr. Candida Maurer has begun a blog detailing her and her husband Michael’s experiences with his life-threatening illness, from a spiritual perspective. You can visit the blog site here.

Homeopathy Now At Eastwind

Karen Davis, LISW, is a licensed social worker and classical homeopath who works with both adults and children. She brings her 25 years of experience to our Center. Karen recommends homeopathic remedies, flower essences, gemmotherapy tonics, oligotherapy, and many other natural products designed to support, drain, and repair the systems in the body. She uses psychotherapy, homeopathy, or a combination of both modalities to maximize healing in her clients. She has a new blog post here.